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Portion Programs: The training & education method + platform, that helps to deliver better & more lasting results, automatize, and increase your revenue & profit


The main problem in training & education today is temporary results and low implementation



Traditional web courses

Consulting sessions

Directly after

Shortly after

With Portion Programs + platform, you can:

  • Deliver better,  more lasting results and higher implementation, by automatically delivering small portions of your content frequently, and across a long time period. 

  • Automatically individualize content, so users receive the right content at the right time.

  • Turn a problem into a new income source

  • Acquire loyal & satisfied clients

  • Offer programs Independently or as a complementary product

Simple & Effective


Independently/ Complemently


No Startup Cost


How do Portion programs work?

1. Easily create your portions - videos, text etc, in your conference room, home, or studio, with a video camera, webcam or phone. 


2. Upload the content to the Maxieffect web tool, where you can create portion programs, general or user based. There are also tools for statistics, messages, surveys and support videos on how to easily plan, produce, sell and market your programs. 

3. Add users. 

4, Small portions of your content (for ex short movies + assignments) are automatically delivered  by email and/or sms by program defined intervals (daily, multiple week days, weekly for example) for up to a year.  It works in a similar fashion to primary school learning programs.

Who are Portion programs for?

Portion Programs are for anybody who wishes to create behavioral changes, impart lasting knowledge and who wants their content implemented in daily life. This includes, but is not limited to educators, trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants and also companies who wishes to train their personnel, clients and resellers. 

Portion programs represent a new or extra source of income for the content creator and are a way to acquire more clients, make more impact & work with more people and more companies automatically.


How do i get started?

Complete this simple form to begin your  journey to new revenue, new clients and societal impact with Maxieffect’s Portion Programs. It’s free to begin, there are no startup costs. You will be contacted by one of our team to take you through the registration process, our licensing model etc.

Click here to get to the form: 


"Dagar i Norr often uses portion programs from Maxieffect.

The participants of our themed days like this very much as it is a very effective way of rehearsing what is important from each lecturer. Repetition via the portion method for a few minutes every week and with the lecturer's rhetoric is very effective and not burdensome.

In addition, you can go back in the portions and repeat as much as you want."​

— Lars Koverberg, Dagar i Norr

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