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E-learning that maximizes the effect

No start up cost + free support!

Welcome to Maxieffect! Probably you also have experienced after going to a seminar or workshop that the result goes down after a while. We offer something we call the Portion method and accompanying e-learning platform. The Portion method means that small portions of content (movies, questionnaires, writing exercises etc) is shown at defined intervals, for example once a day, in the computer or mobile phone. In that way it helps to make the result better and more lasting, no matter if you want to raise knowledge or change behavior.

It makes it possible to educate an unlimited number of companies and persons, in an unlimited number of times - automatically. It can be used by itself or as a complement to other forms of education, coaching or consulting.

A big benefit is we have no start up cost, and free support is included on what content one should have, how to produce the content, how to use the web tool, how to sell and market your content etc. You buy user licenses when you need them. It can be used by all types of companies, but we cooperate with educational, coaching and consulting companies. It is a way to increase the revenue and at the same time create more value for your customers.

To get a complete picture of it you are welcome to see a movie. Click on one of the information movies above. One movie is made for educational companies, one for customers of educational companies (to help educational companies to market and present), and one is made for other types of companies, who can use it internally or externally (customers or resellers).

You are welcome to contact us for more information, or for a free registration (you then get access to your own web tool)

"The tool gives us the opportunity to reach out with sales coaching of the highest class to all of our travelling sales persons! Through motivating movies we reach higher results and can continually keep our sales persons on a high activity level."

Jon Hjertenstein, Sales manager Stores
and Xpress TELENOR Sweden AB


One portion, even if it is big, leads to temporary results, despite its high costs for working time, production loss, travel costs etc.... but many portions at defined intervals, even if they are small, leads to consistent results, despite the low costs because of minimal working time, production loss etc.


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