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"Lasting results, in a resource effective way"
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Spend half a day – and increase revenue, educate automatically and deliver a better & more lasting result!

Welcome to Maxieffect. We offer a platform and method, the Portion method, that portions out content a little at a time, often, during a long time period (for ex 1-2 times/w for a year). You as an educator or consultant can use it with your own content – by itself or in combination with live education.

• Increase revenue - Raise the prices and/or get more
• Educate automatically
- Unlimited number of persons
   and times
• Deliver better & more lasting results.

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Why is the Portion method needed?

Once you go to an education for example one day, you often lose most of the results after already a few weeks. Many times is needed, just like in school. The customers are spread out and mobile, and it is most often not possible to meet live often. Traditional elearning is not built for this continuity either (login, access to all content directly etc).

How do I get started?

Half a day or a day's filming in your own conference room, and a few hours preparation, is normally enough to get a saleable product. Start without start up cost, and buy user licenses when you need it, or buy a few licenses in advance, and get more help and benefits.

Without the Portion method
With the Portion method
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